Jake Marley

Leadership Team Member

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Jake Marley

Chief Executive Officer

Jake Marley follows the legacy of his father, Dave Marley, who founded Hyperion. As owner and Chief Executive Officer, Jake oversees project and partnership development, research and design strategy, and financing. Jake’s attention to detail, project management skills, commitment to farming and soil health, and farm economics play a key role in Hyperion’s success in creating farmer-friendly solar projects.

Jake holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Bryant University with a concentration in Finance and minors in Environmental Studies and Spanish. He’s worked within Hyperion since the company’s founding, taking on a variety of roles, including research coordinator, farm owner liaison, project developer, and quality oversight. Jake lives in Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Jake continues to work directly with landowners and farmers with a team of engineers and installers to ensure the solar designs Hyperion creates reflect their goals.

Agrivoltaics provides numerous benefits…none more significant than providing farm viability to our landowner partners, protecting farmland from incompatible development and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

— Jake