Patented System


Dual Use

Hyperion’s install design supplement incomes for all farmers.

  • Our solar arrays harvest the sun’s energy on land that is in use for crop production or pasture.
  • The system adjusts to land use changes.
  • You can produce enough energy with our system to fuel your operation and sell power back to the grid.
  • Farm machinery, workers, and animals pass easily under the panels.


Low Impact Installation

Our pole-top rack arrays provide numerous benefits over typical ground-mount installations.

  • Our poles do not affect soil composition. Even though they are not anchored with concrete, our system is engineered to withstand wind speeds in excess of 120 mph.
  • Arrays are positioned at a height that allows plenty of sunlight to reach the soil for normal crop growth.
  • Installing panels over open farmland means little or no shade from nearby trees or buildings.  Our system actually provides shade to livestock in the field.
  • Our system has been designed to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.



The arrays are easy to adjust to accommodate changes in the season, weather, or farm production needs.

  • Adjust the array angle seasonally to harvest the most sun.
  • Adjust the array spacing to maximize crop yield.
  • Adjustments are made with standard hand tools.