About Us

Our Mission & Values

Farmer First Solar

Hyperion is committed to bringing the highest quality agrivoltaic systems to farmers to diversify their operation and assist them in becoming a more resilient organization.

Hyperion believes in the concept of food first and energy second, which is to say, the land below the arrays must remain in production.

Project constructed to fit equipment underneath

Who We Are

Hyperion is a community-scale solar developer with a specific focus on elevated agrivoltaic projects as well as roof-top solar for businesses and nonprofits. We offer customized, cost-effective solar designs with continued service throughout our project contractors.

We are a long-standing solar company that is committed to being a good neighbor and partner throughout the solar project’s installation.

Founded on the belief that farmland is important, and that solar and food production are compatible, are designs reflect the importance of farm viability.

Where We Work

Hyperion’s current focus is Massachusetts and New York. We are exploring other opportunities for community-based solar in the Northeast on a case-by-case basis.

Agrivoltaics Peppers Broccoli InSPIRE3
sun hitting agrivoltaics rows of broccoli

Featured Projects

There are a number of projects currently in various stages of design and implementation.

You may find several projects of interest as you consider Hyperion’s approach to agrivoltaics.

Our Leadership Team

Senior Finance & Agrivoltaics Analyst

Business Partners

DC Solar

DC Solar is a team of solar construction professionals that bring our projects to life. DC Solar works to meet our needs as the developer and the needs of the farmer or landowner. DC Solar takes pride in leaving the site conditions unchanged once the construction phase is complete.


Sunwealth is a clean energy investment firm who curates high-performance commercial solar projects that delivery clean energy. Hyperion has partnered with Sunwealth as a long-term asset owner for projects that Hyperion develops.

Research Partners

Agrivoltaic research explores the integration of solar arrays with agricultural activities, aiming to optimize both energy production and crop yields.

Hyperion is dedicated to collaborating with local agricultural experts, researchers, and Cooperative Extension staff to explore what may make sense at your farm.