What is Farmer First Agrivoltaics?

Hyperion was founded with the belief of “food first, then energy.”

Farmer first agrivoltaics means that we design systems that work within agricultural operations and not the other way around — fitting ag into energy.

We believe that agriculture is extremely important to our society and future.

Farmers and ranchers have always found ways to do more with less, but the pressure to do so is increasing now that margins are being spread thin due to rising cost of inputs, high interest rates, and population growth increasing competition for land, water, and energy.

Project constructed to fit equipment underneath

We see agrivoltaics as a way to alleviate some of this pressure and improve farm viability by providing another income stream to the same piece of land.

No solution is a silver bullet for farmers, but if done right, farmer first agrivoltaics can de-risk the operation by minimizing the impact on yields from heat stress, temperature fluctuations, extreme weather, and more

sun hitting agrivoltaics rows of broccoli

We recognize that every situation is different, so we take a conversational approach to identify how agrivoltaics and our partnership can best help the operation now and in the future.

We are forward looking, and we plan these projects with legacy in mind.

woman picking peppers under agrivoltaics system