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How Hyperion Works with You

Elevated Solar Supporting Agriculture

Our solar projects are designed to complement not just today’s farming but farming years from now. That’s because we design our solar arrays to allow for farm viability, a variety of crops and livestock, and attention to soil health and water management.

The overview below provides a general sense of key elements in the solar process.

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    Site Assessment

    We will work with you to understand your project goals, farming practices, and property characteristics. We will also review local or state agrivoltaic incentives and zoning, as well as proximity to three-phase powerlines.

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    Lease Agreement

    Hyperion will work with you to create a lease agreement that outlines expectations, responsibilities, site improvements, payments, project duration, decommissioning, etc.

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    Project Design

    We do our best to enhance your operation by listening to your needs and working with you to address those needs in our design. Every design we do is custom-tailored to the operation. 

    Our project designs have included road improvement, added wells, provided electrification for fencing, supported soil health, provided water management methods, and enabled farm diversity. We are open to other ways that we can be of service to your operation. 

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    Project Financing

    Hyperion works with a project financing company to secure the necessary funds to implement the agrivoltaic project. We also work with you to tap into any state or local incentives that will allow the project to be more cost effective.

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    Project Approval

    Solar projects need approvals from various agencies, including local municipalities and state agencies. The documents needed for project review are extensive and take time to develop. Generally, it takes up to four years to develop a project.

    We take the lead throughout this process and advocate for you throughout all stages of development and construction. 

Please see our Timeline of Development for additional details. We are available to discuss the process, planning, financing, and project milestones as they may relate to your situation.

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